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  Organic Livestock: Principles, Practices, and Prospects
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Joel Huesby, Thundering Hooves Ranch, Touchet, Washington
Joel Huesby is a fourth-generation family farmer in the Walla Walla valley of Washington State. He and his family operate Thundering Hooves - Pasture Finished Meats on their 399 irrigated acres where they raise, process, and direct market beef, lamb, eggs, chicken, and turkeys to individuals, restaurants, and farmers markets. They follow ecological and organic principles on the farm to help rebuild the broken connections between soil, plants, animals, and people that Joel believes are the result of an inadequate modern industrial agriculture model. Joel's prior experience as a conventional commodity farmer convinced him there was a need to change, and he did. He has a B.S. degree in agriculture and volunteers with groups that promote environmental stewardship and direct marketing.

  Becky Weed, Thirteen Mile Farm, Belgrade, Montana.
Becky and her husband raise certified organic lamb, wool, and beef on their farm near Bozeman, MT. They have followed organic practices for years, other than parasite control, and became certified in 1999. Becky does a lot of their marketing and is the founder of the Predator Friendly ecolabel used on their wool products. They are currently adding wool processing capabilities on the farm.

Ann Wells, DVM, Springpond Holistic Animal Health, Prairie Grove, AR
Ann is a veterinarian with over 15 years experience in organic livestock production, including producing and selling organic lamb herself. In private practice for 11 years and working on the ATTRA project for 9 years, she now has her own business working with producers and educators across the country on developing sustainable animal health management plans. Her philosophy is to focus on the health of the animal through controlled grazing management and stress reduction techniques and strategies. She feels very strongly that the health of the animal is tied to the health of the soil and plants and that decreasing stress is important in enhancing health. She also believes that controlled (management-intensive) grazing is the best way to achieve health of all three components.


Mike Gamroth, Extension Dairy Specialist, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Michael J. Gamroth is a Professor of Animal Sciences and Extension Dairy Specialist for Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. He was an area Extension agent for 12 years and has been state specialist for 18 years.
His major program and research interests include facilities and animal waste planning, such as constructing and maintaining labor efficient buildings, design and operation of manure handling facilities, techniques to avoid pollution from animal waste, milking parlor design and performance as well as dairy personnel and business management. He holds 15 awards for the development and delivery of Extension programs for dairy producers.
He is co-chair of the successful Western Dairy Management Conference and a lead editor of the National Dairy Database.

  Thierry Pomerleau, organic inspector/reviewer, Oregon Tilth, Salem, Oregon
Thierry Pomerleau has worked as an organic inspector/reviewer for Oregon Tilth since 1999. His background includes 12 years of experience in organic/sustainable farming systems, including livestock, and degrees in agronomy and plant biology.
  Sarah Bratnober, Communications Director, Organic Valley Family of Farms
Since joining Organic Valley’s marketing team in 2003, Sarah has shaped multi-channel consumer education programs aimed at bridging the gap between rural farmer and urban consumer. The purpose of these programs is to build trust with consumers who are receiving, and sometimes confused by, a myriad of messages about the best food choices for health, safety, and the environment. Prior to joining Organic Valley, Bratnober served as marketing communications and brand image consultant to clients in the retail, manufacturing, education, and service industries. Today, her mission is to protect and build upon Organic Valley’s leadership position by growing informed consumers who value the highest organic standards practiced by the farmer-members of the cooperative.
Learn about becoming a producer for one of Organic Valley’s regional cooperative pools, or contact Member Services Coordinator toll-free at 1-888-809-9297

The Executive Producer for this broadcast is David Granatstein, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, at Washington State University.
Scott Fedale is host and co-producer, and Darrell Kilgore is co-producer and director, both with the WSU Information Department.
Nancy Matheson, National Center for Appropriate Technology, assisted in the planning as did the panelists themselves.

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