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Default Layout:

Default LayoutThe default layout calls for a wide column and a narrow sidebar. The wide column is the main content area, while the narrow sidebar can be used for "sidebar" (related) information or photos.
Last key digit=1 (key=11f14af0axx081)

Full Width Layout

Data Presentation LayoutThe data presentation layout is used for large data presentation, such as large tables, large photographs, etc. It provides a single, large content area when this is desired for flexible placement of text and images.
Last key digit=0 (key=11f14af0axx080)

Two Equal Columns

Layout: Two equal columns The two equal columns layout is often used for data involving brief information, such as a site map, Web directory, or a list of people.
Last key digit=2 (key=11f14af0axx082)

Three Equal Columns

News LayoutThe news layout has three narrow columns, replicating the look and feel of a newspaper.
Last key digit=4 (key=11f14af0axx084)

Narrow/Wide First

Narrow First layoutThe Narrow First Layout is not typically used, although this layout is provided in case it would be useful for specific purposes.
Last key digit=3 (key=11f14af0axx083)


How can I easily change an existing layout to another layout?

The last digit in the template key controls the layout of the template. For example, key=11f14af0axx081. To change a design from one layout to another, you need to access your source code, find the key (near the top of the source code), and change the last digit, as indicated in the examples to the left.

Why would I want to change the layout of the existing template, instead of using that version of the template in the zip file?

You may want to sigificantly customize a template (change background color, site ID graphic, etc.). If you do so, it is far easier to change the layout by changing the last digit of the key code than applying the same changes to another template.


Display of the toolbar is controlled by the second digit in the key code. Change the digit to 0, and the toolbar disappears. Change the digit to 1, and the toolbar appears.

Heading using the h3 tag

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