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Extension Identity Program

Signature Download Instructions

Choose the image file format you can use in your programs (Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker, MS Publisher, etc.) NOTE: gif and jpg files are typically used for WEB pages, the others are used for Print media.

From your browser, right-click (Ctrl-click for Mac) the link indicating the appropriate file format. Select "Save target as" (may appear as "Save link target as" or similar). If this does not bring up the download dialog box, directly click (right-click) the link.

From the download dialog box, choose the folder you wish to save the signature file in. Rename the file if you wish. Save the file.

Open the program into which you want to insert the signature image. Browse to the folder where you saved the signature. Choose the signature you wish to use.

When you insert the picture or object into your file, you can resize it by holding the shift key and dragging the corner handle. (By holding the shift key you will be able to resize the image while maintaining the image ratios). For Web use, resize graphics in a graphic editing program (Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.), and not by manipulating the graphic size in your HTML file.

You may not change the proportions of one element of the signature in relation to any other element. Any resizing must be done to the signature as a whole.

TIFF/QuickTime problems

Some browsers will attempt to open TIFF files in QuickTime. If the graphic file does not successfully display, hit your reload button. When the graphic displays, simply choose "File, Save page" from your browser's menu.

Color vs. Black & White
Decide according to your output. If you will be printing in color, take the color logo. If you will be printing in black & white, take the black & white logo. For Web use or PDF's, use the color logo.

Heading using the h3 tag

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