Mary Kay Wardlaw, MS served as the Project Education Specialist for WIN (Wellness IN) the Rockies, a community-based health improvement project in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Mary Kay developed and/or identified and adapted community-based health-centered interventions. These interventions promote healthful and pleasurable eating, physically active living, and respect for diverse body sizes. WIN the Rockies was a 4-year research, education and outreach project funded through USDA and based at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

Now, Mary Kay is the Food Stamp Nutrition Education Specialist for the Cent$ible Nutrition Program at the University of Wyoming.

Prior to WIN the Rockies, Mary Kay spent 16 years with the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service as a county-based educator. She planned, prepared, taught and facilitated youth and adult programs in Family and Consumer Science. In her county work, Mary Kay’s emphasis was in nutrition and health and community-based programming.