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Armillaria (Shoestring) Root Rot EB1776
Balsam Woolly Adelgid: A Pest of True Fir Species EB1456
Concepts of Integrated Pest Management in Washington EB0753
European Pine Shoot Moth EB1011
Gypsy Moth EB0963
Gypsy Moth: A Major Pest in Trees PA1006
Lophodermium Needle Cast of Pine EB1743
Managing the Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid EB0966
2009 PNW Insect Management Handbook MISC0047
2009 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook MISC0048
Plant Diseases: An Introduction EB0900
Pine Bark Beetles EB0936
Pine Eriophyid EB1639E
Review of Echinodontium Tinctorium 1895-1990 EB1592
Rhabadocline Needle Cast of Douglas Fir EB1306
Spruce Needle Miner EB1089
White Pine Weevil EB1101E
Agricultural Weed Management Principles MISC0167
Chemical Control for Woody Plants, Stumps, and Trees EB1551
Forest Environment Pesticide Study Manual MISC0183
Introduction to Insect and Disease Management MISC0175
Northwest Weeds MISC0434
PNW Weed Management Handbook MISC0049
Rights-of-Way Weed (Vegetation) Management Principles MISC0185
Washington Pesticide Laws and Safety MISC0056
The Rotten Truth: Control of Common Root Rots of Pacific Northwest (video) VT0094

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