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WSU Extension Disaster Education Network

Educational Resources

Emergency Preparedness Packet for Home Health Agencies
National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC)

Preparedness Planning for Home Health Care Providers
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Disaster Planning Guide for Home Health Care Providers
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

APHIS Emergency Preparedness Website  

Disaster Recovery
Past Experiences Offer Insights for Recovering From Hurricanes
Ike and Gustav and Other Recent Natural Disasters


Pandemic Flu and Avian Flu

Red Cross,1082,0_500_,00.html

Ready Campaign of the US Department of Homeland Security

Centers for Disease Control  (business) (emergency preparedness and response)


Rothstein Catalog on Disaster Recovery

WSDH - Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

Flood Preparation and Education

Disaster Rehabilitation Assistance

Caring for Livestock Before Disaster

Caring for Livestock During Disaster

Caring for Livestock After Disaster

Mount St. Helens Volcanic Activity Response Plan

Winter Storm Plan - American Red Cross,1082,0_252_,00.html

Prevent Freezing Pipes

FEMA NIMS Resource Center

Using Computer Technology to Map Local Farms for Rapid
Response in Agricultural Emergencies  [Article No. 1TOT7]
Marrison, David L.

Action Guide for Emergency Management at Institutions of Higher Education

Disaster Assistance for Agricultural Producers, ATTRA, National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Rural Route 2: Help Lines for Farm Families, University of Illinois Extension Service

Information for Livestock Owners, U.S. DHS, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Farmers’ Guide to Disaster Assistance from Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc.

Disaster Preparation for Families With Children

Children and Disaster: Part 1 Ages and Stages

Children and Diaster: Part 2 What Parents and Caregivers Can Say and Do

VIDEO: Veterinarian offers tips on evacuating with your pet in a
disaster. In this short video (4:07), K-State veterinarian and
professor Dr. Susan Nelson offers advice on evacuating with a pet.
Whether the emergency is weather-related, a house fire or other
disaster, Nelson tells pet owners the main things they’ll need to
get their dog, cat or other pet to safety.

Radiological Emergency Information

Radiological Emergency Information for Farmers, Food Processors, and Distributors



Mary Fran Meyers Scholarship Call for Applications


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